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Bullbar Manufacturers in South Africa

Bullbars come in many shapes and sizes and they are usually made of welded steel or aluminium tubing. Bullbars are becoming increasingly popular on a wide range of cars in South Africa . Although we are used to seeing bullbars on larger cars (like Land Rovers and Bakkies), many smaller vehicles are having bullbars fitted to help them cut down on the cost of daily bumps.

Why do you need a bullbar?

A bullbar can protect you and your passengers from damage in the case of an accident and they can also protect your car if you collide with an animal. Whether you’re travelling on dirt roads or in the cities, collisions happen so often that you really can’t take a chance with your vehicle. These car accessories are more than just a huge steel bar on the front of your car – their sophisticated strength and durability can last you a lifetime.

South African law about bullbar and tow bars

It is an offence to obscure the number plate with a bullbar or tow bar. You are advised to remove the ball and/or the towing ball bracket when you are not towing. If the towball abstructs your number plate when you are not towing, remove it or fit it upside down.
Note: You can be fined up to R500.00 for not adhering to these bullbar laws in South Africa.

Where to find your bullbars in South Africa

BTM has been supplying high quality bullbars in South Africasince 1978. We are an approved Original Equipment Manufacturer, Direct Supplier and National Parts Distribution Supplier to the majority of South African Vehicle Manufacturers and Importers.

If you are looking for bullbar manufacturers that have the factory capacity, distribution outlets and overall experience to meet your needs – then Contact us for bullbars in South Africa!


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